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We need more traffic, more posts, more people here!

So what I want you guys to do is direct people to join this community. Now, I don't want you to spam communities, no-- that would be too easy (and also makes the possibility of ignunt fools coming here), but I want you to spread the community via word of mouth, and have them report here with your username. Make posts in your OWN journals, put links in your profile-- make banners, make buttons! Get fun! This CAN be one of the top DDR communities on LJ, and perhaps the largest gay-forward DDR community on the 'net -- we just need to do some work. :)

I'm giving this contest:


The person with the most referrals, and the person whose referrals are the most active will both win a prize of some sort. Three months! It might be big, it might be small! But the satisfaction will come in the MEGA-FUN of the community! :)

The contest is open to all CURRENT members, listed here:
_____ree_____, angels_burn, asimuth, boysandmuffins, colorofsakura, dj_tarnished, djfrost, doortothelight, downeastmike, emarosan, hotbtmboi85, je_dteste_la_vi, lionhrteternal, luisifer, nekoayuchan, omg_its_rob, quincunx, sapphire17, secretfanofu, spitefulcrow, stevechiller, thumpervu, xh0ll0wnemptyx
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